Wrong fixture numbers in Selection Grid

  • I patched 100 generic RGB just to test MAtricks.

    I selected 1 THRU 30 and looked at the grid. All good.

    I pressed XWings + one time and a lot of unselected fixture numbers showed up. Only from the same fixture type.

    More observations:

    10 THRU 30 is OK

    9 THRU 30 shows wrong number

    1 THRU 30 shows more wrong numbers.

    ('30' can change to whatever above 10)

    It's only Selection Grid that is wrong, not the actual selection.

  • If you use Groups, Blocks, or Wings, fixtures can overlap each other in the same grid-space. Right now, when that happens the numbers overlap each other rather than being listed (or some other possible solution). Is the numbering actually wrong or are you just seeing the numbers being overlaid on top of each other?

  • I also noticed what you describe, but in my case the numbers are actually wrong.

    A seemingly random selection of the remaining (and unselected) 31 to 100 showed up.

    As I mentioned, only fixture numbers from the same fixture type.

  • in your example

    Fixture 9 Thru 30

    Matricks "xWings" +

    it may seems that e.g. grid zero is populated by Fixture 90

    this is however merely the first and the last fixture of your selection being placed in the same gridcell

    i.e fixture 9 and fixture 30, where the 9 is covering the 3 so it looks as 90, in the current version

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