MA3 + Video files

  • Hey jpsound,

    it is not possible to use MA VPU in a grandMA3 system. We will have an internal video solution in grandMA3.

    Currently this is not implemented and will take a bit of time, but it is planned to have an internal kind of media player in the grandMA3 software.

  • Hi Janis,

    there is a video solution planned but not implemented yet. To be honest, if you need a video solution now, I would suggest to have a look at external tools.

    The implementation of video in grandMA3 will take a bit more time.

    I hope that helps. If you need any support or assistance, just get in contact with us.

  • Hi,

    maybe you can open MAVPU and VPUDongle protocol for Ma3 till implement new video solution only for MA3 , or limit parameters, 5 input layers and max 2 outputs for small events is enough.

    Look from my side- if i take external tool i don`t this so i get back to Ma3 video solution.

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