Update onPC node 2K

  • Hello

    i try connect my MA3 onpc node2 to a console but unsuccessfully.

    1. i found video where they can do this.

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    2 My node vers. is 0.92.....

    3 Download latest version 1.0.03. from MAlighting but nothing.

    Witch download are correct 1.0.03. on pC for WIN EXE or ma3 software ZIP package

    i try both but nothing

    in empty USB Stick i unzip this one folder(ma3 software ZIP), i see lot of another ZIP folders.

    Please tell us correct way to update Nodes.



  • Hello Janis,

    for updating the node please download and extract the zip package to an USB Stick. You should find afterwards on your USB Stick in the Root section the folder EFI,MA and the update.scr.

    For updating the grandMA3 node switch it off, insert the USB Stick and follow the instructions you'll see in the display.



  • Maybe your USB stick is too big. Please try to use a stick with max 16GB.

    Normally then it should work. If it does not work, please contact your local distributor, best with a video of whats happening on the node while booting. They will have a look at it and are happy to help.

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