Cut and paste fixtures to another stage causes them to be inaccessible.

  • I have found that if you patch some fixtures, assign them to a world then later cut and paste one or more fixtures to another stage it causes some or all the fixtures to be selectable but you can't change any parameters until you restart the console.

    • Patch 1 or more fixtures onto the default stage and exit the patch
    • Store 1 or more fixtures to a world 2
    • Reenter the patch and Insert a new Stage and exit the Stages dialog
    • Cut one or more fixtures (doesn't seem to have to be a fixture applied to a world).
    • Switch to a the new stage and paste the fixture, then exit the patch.
    • Whatever world is selected should work, you can select and manipulate fixtures.
    • Select a diffrent world
    • You can now select the fixtures but not manipulate them, whatever was in the programmer when you switch worlds is stuck there.
    • Switch back to World 1 select any fixture and you still can't manipulate any fixtures
    • Restart the console and it seems to all come back including the world.

    I think unrelated, During the time trying to figure out what was going on I ended up getting locked in the patch unable to exit after deleting some fixtures. Any choice or button press I made put me back in the patch and I was only able to leave by pressing and holding the power button. I have to go through my backups to see if one got saved while I was in the patch window, not sure it works that way though.

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