Adjusting speed for Phaser

  • When adjusting the speed (programming layer) of a Phaser the phase for the fixtures jumps like crazy.
    This makes it harder to see the speed change, and for mechanical attributes I would think it's quite bad for real-life fixtures.

    I notice now that adjusting Width makes even crazier jumps.

    And speaking of jumps I'd like to mention some other issues:

    Is it possible to set a fade time....

    ..when going in and out of "Single step"?

    ..When changing to another step number manually?

    When creating a new Phaser, let's say we move PAN and TILT to the first position.

    Adding step 2 leaves the fixtures in the same place and activates RELEASE for this step.

    As soon as you start to turn the encoder the position jumps to default.

    I believe it should start from the position it's already in.

  • I am only seeing anything I do through 3D and see what you say, I would not care to have fixtures hunting for a position as fast as possible, but I see adjustments to size also getting some twitching on 3D, I have not tried this connected to real world fixtures, but recall some early Hog 4 stuff where stuff would fly around while moving encoders in FX.

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