• Hi i have simple RGBW led fixture, in ma lighting, using diferent fixture library RGBW (8bits) from GMA3 & 2 database the real fixture is blinking all time (when virtual dimmer up, default values for rgbw are 100) i have two fixture more (movil head) and works fine. In the 3d view isn t blinking. It only stop blink while i modify any atributte. i restart the console in mode 2, the same led fixture with same generic rgbw fixture works fine.

    Any idea whats happening?

  • Hi Alejandro,

    in grandMA3 the DMX refresh rate is changed. Means when there is no attribute change the refresh rate drops down to nearly 1 Hz.

    This is totally within the DMX specs but some devices are not able to handle this.

    Our developers know this issue and think about a possible solution. But a workaround for you could be to set one DMX channel in the universe to a continously running phaser, so the refresh rate is at 30Hz.

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