Assigning Input/Output Filters to a linked Sequences breaks the sequence.

  • Sorry a little setup on this one but I attached a showfile.

    Basically applying some combination of input/output filters to a sequence causes one of the sequences to act funny or to stop working altogether.

    • Patch 2 Dimmers
    • Store Dimmer 1 to World 2
    • Store Dimmer 2 to World 3
    • Stay in World 1
    • 1 Thru at 10
    • Store Seq 2 Cue 1
    • Assign Seq 2 At Seq 3
    • Assign Seq 2 at Page 1.201
    • Assign Seq 3 At Page 1.202
    • Apply World 2 as an output filter and input filter to Sequence 2
    • Confirm Executor 201s output filter is working, bringing up only dimmer 1 at 10
    • 1 Thru at 20
    • Store Seq 2 Cue 2, Confirm Dimmer 2 is still in the programmer
    • Confirm input filter worked by Go+ to Cue 2 on Executator 201
    • Apply World 3 as an output filter and input filter to Sequence 3
    • Confirm Executor 202s output filter is working bringing up only dimmer 2 at 10
    • 1 Thru at 30
    • Store Seq 3 Cue 3, Confirm Dimmer 1 is still in the programmer

    At this point both faders should work, as expected.


    • 1 Thru at 40
    • Store Seq 3 Cue 2 /M, NOTE Dimmer 2 is still in the programmer.
    • Take a look in the track sheet and you will see that the value of 40 got saved into Dimmer 1 thus Seq 2 NOT 3

    If you store to Sequence 2 is works correctly, so it looks like both Sequence 2 and 3 have the same filters even though they are configured differently?

    There is some combination of the above that can cause the second linked sequence to stop working altogether, but I haven't been able to recreate that reliability.

  • I think I can see what you're saying. What it looks like to me is that the cue remembers from which sequence's settings it was created. Because if you take your scenario a step further and say:

    • 1 Thru At 50
    • Store Sequ 2 Cue 3 /merge
    • Look at the Tracking Sheet

    You get the opposite result (dimmer 1 is still in the programmer instead of dimmer 2). So it's remembering that cue 2 was created with World 2 as the input filter and cue 3 was created with World 3 as the input filter, even though you're now attempting to merge data into them from the sequence with the opposite input filter.

  • That's exactly it, I haven't noticed it that way and that explains why I was seeing differing results each time I tried it.

    If I just do 1 Thru at 60 and hit executor 201 it works, likewise if I do 1 Thru At 70 and hit executor 202 that also works. But merging into those new cues causes the data to always go to the original world.

    If you are in world 1 it's apparent what is going on, but if you are in the world you should be in then it just looks like it doesnt store (perhaps that is what I saw earlier) and the data is still in the programmer.

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