How many variables can phase handle?

  • Ph 0 t 180 t 0 is fine for wings and I have made a group of 2 for 6 fixtures with ph 0 t 0 t 30 t 30 t 60 t 60. Before I dive deep with plugins and variables it would be helpful to know some limitations.

  • Thank you Andreas! I suppose I have to reset MAtricks for each phase macro, so this is how I did it:

    mat "xwings" 1; mat "xblock" 1; mat "xgroup" 2 ; ph 0 t 90
    mat "xwings" 2; mat "xblock" 1; mat "xgroup" 1 ; ph 0 t 180

    But I suppose there is a shorter and smarter approach.......

  • to reset all properties of the matricks object, try

    Reset Matricks


    check the commandline feedback when operating the MAtricks window.


    you can set multiple properties in one go:

    Set Matricks "xwings" 2 "xblock" 3 "xgroup" 4


    if you are creating macros, write the full syntax, in case shortcuts are cultivated in upcoming software versions.