ProgramSpeed and other Masters

  • This is bound to trip someone up (like it did me) for a few minutes.

    Yesterday I assigned a ProgramSpeed Master to a Executor and it works wonderfully. I later deleted it but I did not reset it's value to 50% (60BPM) before doing so.

    Today day I tried to write some simple phasers and none of them seemed to be working, I realized what I had done and re assigned the ProgramSpeed Master and set it back before deleting it again.

    I then tried to figure out why I hadn't noticed and realized that it was because the left hand Control Bar is hidden by default on the console so the Master Controls Dialog is kind of hidden.

    In the short term I will just make a macro:

    Menu "MasterControl" and assign it to a view button on Screen 6 or something, it's a little small for the text but it will be fine to confirm the state of the masters.

    It feels like the Master Controls need a dedicated soft button (or maybe a view button) avoid the need to open the Control Bar.

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