Commands and options

  • Are those commands changed or simply not implemented yet?
    List of options like store /? in MA2.
    Commandline focus like MA Please in MA2. I know that I can use F6 onPC, but when I press MA in command section the please button is empty.

  • MA+Please works on a console for sure. Don't remember offhand with onPC (and I don't have it installed on the computer from which I'm typing this to try it). Also, note that if you press [Esc] enough, it will also return focus to your command line.

    A ton of the /options from MA2 are gonna be different. The general "Assign <object> /property=value" is different - it's now "Set <object> Property <"property name"> <"value">" (though you may not actually need to include the Property keyword). Some of the Store /options are actually their own keywords right now. Help Please (equivalent right now of CMDHelp on MA2) to see those keywords (I think it's at the end of the list).