2 port node and Dot 2 on pc

  • Hello Remi,

    any other node than the "dot2 4port node 1K",

    doesn´t extent the DMX output that the dot2 onPC software offers you- DMX Universe 1 (512 DMX Channels)

    To run any other node than the "dot2 4port node 1K", pls use the ArtNet or sACN protocol (Setup/ Network Protocols)



  • Hi Qincy,

    I bought a new dot2 node4 and I am not completely satisfied

    Node was supposed to extend the number of parameters by 1024.

    After connecting to the onPC, I only get an extra 512

    Why didn't it add one free universe?

    The price of this device is the same as grandMA3 onPC 2Port Node with 2k parameters are available.

    There is a chance that in the next onPC update you will allow to unlock all 4 universes for this device?

    ps: I also have a problem - if I use the maximum number of parameters (1024) - the program blocks the outputs in node C and D. if I have 1023 parameters, I can use all 4 (A B C D)

    by 1023 I can also send data to any artnet universe (1-8 / 0-F / 0-F)

    after programming 1024 - the program blocks the artnet outputs (3-8)


  • Hi Chris,

    thanks for your report about the Node4 1K.

    Sorry that you´re not complete satisfied, but maybe you have been informed wrong before you bought the unit.

    The Node 4 doesn´t calculate on it´s own, this would be necessary to do DMX channels expansion.

    Or as the MA homepage stated:

    The dot2 Node4 (1K) connects to a dot2 console or dot2 onPC software via a Plug & Play network connection. The user can easily choose output configuration 1-4 or 5-8 from the dot2 software set-up screen. The dot2 Node4 (1K) does not increase the channel capacity of an dot2 console, which is limited to 4,096 channels. Additionally the dot2 onPC software can output up to 1,024 channels of DMX when connected to an dot2 Node4 (1K)! Normal network rules apply allowing nodes to be placed remotely.

    But we were able to re-create the behavior that you described in the second part of your post!

    You´re absolutely right, 1024 patched DMX channels switch of two outputs- 1023 don´t.

    This is a bug and it´s reported to the developers, I haven´t got any more informations about this right now, but as soon as there´s a feedback, we´ll contact you.

    Thanks for your input man!



  • Hi Michael,

    Thank you very much for your answer

    I love working on dot2 onpc. It is a great soft, very user-friendly, intuitive and, most importantly, very stable.

    Over the last few years, I have done a lot of concerts on this software, and even if there was a need, I could easily prepare a table for the lighting technician who came with the band.

    I hope that version 2.0 will appear soon: D

    Please don't put this project to death.

    Thanks man!


    ps: I suppose at the beginning dot2 was prepared to support 16 universes, but something went wrong along the way.

    I also know that onpc can handle 8 universes.

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