Importing .xml fixture personality created in MA fixture builder

  • Hi,

    I have my own personalities for fixtures created for my dot2 (Also works in GMA2) in MA fixture builder.

    I didn't understand importing user fixtures in GMA3.. The GrandMA2 fixtures (in local GrandMA3 folder) have .pxml extension, GrandMA3 fixtures have .xml extension, but text structure is different than .xml created with MA fixture builder.

    When I want import these .xml (created in MA fixture builder) in GMA3 software, it doesn't read anything from the files and it imports empty fixture..


    So how I can import these my fixtures to GMA3? It is possible? Or I must re-create these fixtures in GMA3 editor? I think I have to do it anyway to have more features (like lowlight) - I've already tried it, I read the user manual (unfortunately it is not part of e-learning..), but I still don't know how insert the channel functions (see image spoiler), the software won't let me change value "DMX To".. is fixed to 255.

    Display Spoiler

    So.. my question import old fixture files or how create exact copy using GMA3 editor.

    (Sorry for possible gramatic mistakes, I'm czech)

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