Bug? console Shut down when deleting selected executor....

  • Hi, I have just found out that when deleting the selected executor the console restarts... I have tried it many times with 2 show files and always the same result.

    save save save :)

    Or Should I say Menu Menu.....

    Well This is strange, I have been playing around those sequences and it looks like the console shuts down when i delete some very specific sequences. Not only when they are selected.... I moved them in the sequence poll and delete them again and hte console shuts down... They are very basic test sequences with some phasers, position cues and just some simple operations.

    OK if I switch USERS and do this in Administrator it works fine.

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  • Can you get in touch with the tech support and give them your show file and a description which sequence needs to be deleted?

    Btw: You're not deleting the selected executor, because in grandMA3 you're selecting a sequence and not an executor anymore. ;)

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