Export profile to external

  • Hi, yes I can save and load showfiles with two different stick in console, also I can with this stick import different images previously I save in different folders (fixture images and images). Also I format to be sure its working in Fat 32 but don t work. Any idea?

  • Hi, i made new test with import and export profiles, in my computer with onPc i can export internal a profile but the same problem when i try export to usb stik. if i take from onPc folder one profile and paste it in the stik folder, then i can import it from usb.

    Similar issue when i take a MA2 fixture (with the idea to export like a GDTF file) i export the file but not appear in the folder.

    Any idea?

    Happy New year

  • To my understanding, export from the grandMA2 library to the open format GDTF is not possible/allowed.

    The grandMA2 library is based on data from a third-party database, licenced for use in MA consoles only.

  • Ok, I saw in the export pop GDTF button and I thought it could be possible export from MA format to GDTF. But the other issue is I can export (MA and GDTF format fixture) if I modify any value on his atribute in internal drive as user fixture but not to external drive (the same as profile). Any idea?