Priority of programmer

  • Î am used to the fact tht the "Programmer" should be the highest priority in the System. Means, If I have a sequence running, lets say switching between blue and red, -no effect or something, just a plain sequence- and hit the red or the blue colorpreset on my touchscreen it should stop the switching colors until I start another sequence or clear the programmer.

    Now I realized that it does not behave like this. It stops, but it starts automaticly when the sequence hits the preset I activated.

    Am I wrong? Is it supposed to do this?

  • In grandMA3 the programmer is a real playback. That has many advantages when you think about busking shows or interactions with playbacks in general. Furthermore we are able to get some nice new features do to this fact.

    But that also means that the programmer has per default the same priority as the playback. So starting a new cue in your case, will call the color of the cue.

    You can use freeze to give the programmer a higher priority.

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