Import Presets

  • ok now i exported then right, thanks!!:D

    When I now try to import the exported presets (from the selected drive 2) into an new showfile with the command:

    Import Library "test.xml" at preset 4.1

    the whole console crashes, but when I´m in the showfile I exported the presets, it works fine!:/

  • Can you please get in contact with the TechSupport or your local distributor?

    Please provide them your show file, the exported preset xml file, the crash log and a description what they have to do to recreate the crash.

  • The basic syntax for an export is:

    Export Preset 4.1 "Yellow" Help Export Shows where.

    If you wanted to export to an external USB you could modify that command to:

    Drive X; Export Preset 4.1 thru 4.4 "Rainbow"

    Where X is the drive number you want to save to. You can get that drive number by using List Drive.

  • take a closer look at the Import keyword description in the manual, and notice the commandline destination requirements before each syntax example.

    Here's the full syntax required for your scenario, using the Import workflow from the manual:

    ChangeDestination Preset 3

    Import Library "preset.xml"

    ChangeDestination Root

    However, when you already know the exact filename and have a dedicated destination-object, you could consider using this faster direct syntax:

    Import Preset 3.1 "preset.xml"