No more musician objects in StageView

  • I can find no models in the Asset Tree with those description any longer...and I still can't figure out how to drop a model into the Scene. In Stages? under Edit, with Insert or Import? LOL.....not clear. When I try, I can only Insert another StageElement, and when I try to Import with that object, the only model I find is a double catwalk.xml....and when I click on that object, another entry of StageElement appears and nothing renders in the 3D window?

    I generated a custom GDTF fixture with virtual Pan/Tilt/Gobo1 w/12 Slots---all rendering just fine in MA3. Nothing that isn't connected to a GDTF profile though...

  • You can import models to the meshes pool. The only solution I found to get it into the 3D window, is to create a fixture type, then add the model from meshes pool as body geometry - then patch the "fixture" ;)