Custom Mesh Not Appearing In Dropdown

  • Hey Y'all!

    I was wondering if I'm missing something when trying to apply a custom mesh to a new "fixture type". I've copied my mesh into the root mesh folder for onPC, but when I go to assign a mesh under models in the dropdown, it does not appear there. But, it does appear when I make a GDTF file, import that file, and then I can assign that mesh to any new fixture type, is there an import process that I'm missing?



  • I've even tried to bring in 3DS files through a GDTF because it's all bundled up[models/bitmaps]but was not able to get that all or to populate the Grouping under the Stage it's a part of.

    I see little .XML description files for all the existing meshes you can see in the UI and bring into the Scene but again; I had difficulties bringing in a mesh 'object' outside a fixture profile. Seems ad hoc user defined 3D objects are not in the future. Importing the 3D with the fixtures from VW seems to be the nudge...

    There is a Mesh Pool of objects with not much description within Help of how to use the Pool's objects. I would imagine with some time, more information on the 3D workings will be forthcoming. I can figure most of the description files out as they're .XML, it's the little GUID number and how it's generated that has me stumped and makes me believe there is an Importer binary or like the Library of profiles, by adding the 3DS files, the files get generated best guess at this early stage. Seems to be some similarity between the GDTF formatting and how the engine is reading the objects.

    Extract a GDTF and see how it's stuffed with all the goodies, ;). Ripper' open mate!

  • Hey My Friend!

    How goes it. Yea, I can easily import any of the custom mesh's like we were doing on series 2 no prob with the GDTF builder, not ideal right now, but, oh well. Yea I saw that as well, curious to how that number is getting assigned. Yea, I'm hoping there's a way in the future with VWX that we can combine objects into 1x piece and not have a slew of stuff through MVR come in which is the current situation, but also UV mapping will be interesting haha!

    I'll keep poking around and I'll hit back with more findings hopefully!



  • What's the actual process my friend to bringing in a 3DS file? I inquired and was told that GDTF was the only way, at the moment, to get custom models into MA3... I tried with a simple object of 4'x8' decking, but when I, 'Inserted', the "fixture"; nothing rendered...?!? And it did not appear in the MA3 "Grouping" object/fixture that seems to be the container placeholder...

    I see that on existing pieces of 'set'[MA3 fixtureFolder]....the Mfgr is listed as "Environment" and location seems to be the "set" folder; I imagine there is way to describe the objects/models to the engine via text/.XML that will allow them to render in the 3D Window and available from Mesh Pool.

    You can PM me at Dot2 site to continue the discussion, please do!


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