Phaser timing in sequences

  • Hi, Simple question. I have a pan tilt circle in cue 1 and I want to go to a fix position in cue 2 and I want the phaser to follow the timing of my sequence and move slowly to the next position (just like the dimmers) How do you do it? it goes like a snap I cant seem to find the right time button... Thanks

  • Hi Daniel, is it possible something is wrong with users? I have a full size3 connected to a wysiwyg. I have created a new user to be my user for GMA3 (I have just created it, assigned it to a new profile with admin rights and gave it an appearence I did no other modifications)

    As I have mentioned in some previous post when deleting certain sequences from the sequence pool the console would reboot. Always the same sequences would make this happen. I then switch back to Admin user and try to delete and everything works perfect...


    I have some show batten patched in pixel mode. In my user, I enable the pixel mode in the control section and when I look at my fixture sheet i see a single 1.0 as value in control. Of course the fixture doesn't work in the wyg but strange enough it does in the 3D...

    I switch user back to admin and Voila! I have Values and I can control the fixture as usual and it works great. It works in the 3D as well as in WYG..

    Any toughts?

    thanks, JF

    Edited once, last by jfcouture: I have noticed that in my profile The DMX Readout was not in percent but It was someting else than Hex or Dec. I dont recall the name it had but its not visible anymore. I now have control over the mode and the SBatten are working fine.. JF (December 30, 2019 at 8:02 PM).

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