The future of Groups / Blocks / Wings

  • Hi

    Is something comparable on the to do List that gives the possibilities like in the old Sine Generator on MA2 ?

    I liked the opportunity to adress this feature while the Effect was running.

    Classic example:

    A set of Sunstrips, target is to toggle the Sine, PWM, whatever from all Subfixtures to a block of 10 by macro.

    Assign Effect 1.500 /blocks=10

    Assign Effect 1.500 /blocks=0

    Happy Holidays

  • I think you can in the step creator. Not sure how yet... but when you create a steprecipe preset with the step creator, you can type "cd steprecipe" en then "list" you can see all the stuff added to the steprecipes. Don't know if this works yet in MA3, but this could all be edited with commandline. This was my last thing I tried yesterday before I went home.