Universal Store of Colors and Gels

  • I have tried to store my "Colors" with a Universal store option and they seem to be stored as "Global" I do see that the "Gels" seem to be Universal, but as of the present version, they only show MA Swatches and you can not add or copy or edit these. My question is what is the difference between "Color" and "Gels"?

  • The Gels are only sets of RGB values that represent certain gels.

    You can tap on <MA> in the Gel pool. This will open a drop-down which lets you choose gels from other manufacturers.

    Storing universal presets is at the moment a little bit tricky:

    You have to select the universal fixture (enable the mask Globals in the fixture sheet options), which is the fixture Global 1.

    For storing the values you have set the universal fixture to, you have to choose the universal preset store option, too.

    When storing an universal preset, it will convert the physical values of the universal fixture to all fixture type fixtures, that are part of the show in the vary moment of storing the preset. You will see, how smart this works already, when having fixture types with different pan/tilt ranges in your show.

    The background for converting the values of the universal fixture directly to the global fixtures has this advantage: When calling a preset, the values don't have to converted then, and they will be applied in realtime to the fixtures (and the output).

    The development of the preset workflow is not at the end, and will be continued within the next version in order to get a fester workflow when storing, updating presets, adding new fixture types into the show, etc.

  • I tried importing the "Universal" fixture and tried to record "Universal" presets but it didn't work the way it should have. The preset made with this fixture recorded as "Universal" and "Global" and none of the other fixtures recognize these presets. What am I doing wrong?

  • The Universal Fixture is part of every showfile by default. To select it double tap on the Channel-Hardkey which creates Global in the commandline.

    You need to select "Global 1", that is the Universal Fixture.

    As Dominik already explained, you can go to the Settings of the Fixturesheet and enable "Globals" at the Masks Tap.

    Then you can see the Global IDs in your Fixturesheet.

    In the patch you can also change to the "Global Stage" where you can find the Universal Fixture and the Global Fixtures of your Showfile.

  • I am testing fixture f2 1. Storing phasers seems to work fine and fixture 601 thru 606 at global 1 also works fine.

    But just to get it confirmed: it behaves like a single fixture so you can not use it to store phases like 0 thru 360?

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