Update preset in cue

  • When I make a preset in 21.101 with various other presets merged into 21.101 trough commandline "copy preset 5.1 at 21.101/m" and "copy preset 6.11 at 21.101/m" my cue made with preset 21.101 is not updated like in MA2. Am I missing something? It updates the preset, but not the cue.


  • Hey, do you add new attributes to the presets? Then it wont be updated automatically in the cue (same behaviour as in grandMA2).

    You could than use the new Recast function for presets.

    You can reach this via EditOption (Swipey or 2x Edit key) on the preset.

  • If it should work like in MA2, it doesn't work. I added beam, color, dimmer and focus values to my bump preset, 21.101. The presets are made with all my venue fixtures. When I copy presets already in 21.101, this isn't updated in my cue's.

    But I'll try the recast function. See how that works.


  • To enable realtime instant playback, (- both in gma2 and gma3), any referenced presetvalues are "cached" locally inside the sequence, rather than being looked-up every time.

    In version , please use the regular workflow of making changes in the programmer, then Update (or Store /merge) to update the content of Presets, and at the same time properly automatically trigger the internal procedure that propagates your changes into the cues by updating its cache.

    If you in version want to change the content of the preset by other means, e.g. by copying other objects into it, through a macro, you will have to add a Recast command in your macro as well, to trigger this cache-update manually.

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