Network/Wifi observation?

  • I've noticed that before I launch MA3 v1.0, on the laptop it's installed upon, I can navigate my Network[Home gateway] the laptop is connected to via WiFI and access files in my desktop which is connected to the house gateway via Cat5 cable and not using Wifi.

    After launching MA3 v1.0, I can no longer find the desktop device under Network in the Navigator of the Win10 laptop?? Takes a Restart of the OS to ?re-establish? connection to see other devices in the Network?1?

    I'm not using the Wifi in the laptop to connect any MA products/software...

    I've seen this twice now, where once I launch MA3, I'm booted off any other device connected via Network?? this laptop at least on Wifi...?! I'd rather not have to resort to emailing myself across my desk for data or swapping a flash drive all the time, m'eh, or I will usually disable Wifi and BluTooth on the laptop when using the MA desk emulator to avoid intruders accessing the WebRemote, ahem, but not while at Home/Studio, lol. Must have selected it[MA3] to not operate on a Public Network??

    Probably just me...:/

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