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  • Loving the addition of the Appearance Pool, that will make managing looks much simpler, but I miss the Appearance keyword and the ability to set the colors via HSB, that made quickly creating any number of colors quick and easy with a Lua plugin.

    For example form GMA2 Plugins I had something like this.

    local index = 1
    local count= 10
    for h=0, 359, 360/count do
      Assign Macro 1." .. index .. ".1" .. ' /CMD="Appearance /h='.. h ..' /s=100 /b=100"'
      index = index + 1;

    Is there the ability to do something like this yet?

  • So I finally had some time to sit down and play with this.

    The plugin works like I expect but there is one thing I can't seem to find.

    The Color property is for the "Image Color" which without an image is the Fill. The color that affects the fader color is the so called "Background Color" or the outline of the object pool item.

    if I do a List Appearance 21 for example I get back this:

    From LUA I am able to set the Color property but I don't know what the background color property is called.

    local r
    local g
    local b
    local a = 1.0
    r, g, b = toRGB(i, fillS, fillB)
    local command = string.format('Store Appearance %d Property "Color" "%f,%f,%f,%f"',index, r, g, b, a)

  • Unfortunately the background properties didn't make it to the "List Appearance x " response in the commandline feedback window in this very first release version.

    It seems however even if not being exposed by commandline feedback you can still manipulate these properties by syntax.

    Please try the property names BackR, BackG, BackB and BackAlpha, with decimal 8bit values (0-255)

    Be aware that this syntax likely will change in future version, for consistency in property naming and value format

  • That did it. Mostly pocking around at this point to see what is what, but this gives me something to mess with.

    And no worries about v1. Every great piece of software starts somewhere and so far this is very capable. For example looking through the plugins on the desk I found out that Printf is (kind of) implemented BUT if you pass it the wrong type it may crash the desk. These are things that likely won't stop a show but can be found and fixed for the future.

        local x = 1     -- this is a number
        Printf("%s", x) -- but this will crash the desk!
  • Hoss, just wondering if you found a way to change the colour properties of the appearance after is has been created? I'm doing fine creating the initial appearance object but once created Re-storing, updating or assigning don't appear to change those properties. I've been scratching my head for some time now over this.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    EDIT: "Set' was the answer :)

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