MA3 onpc very slow

  • Hi, I run MA3 on PC on Lenovo Y70-70, and it is impossible to do anything because the PC become very slow. I patched 8 megapointe and as I run a phaser, the graphic card ( Nvidia 860 ) is at 55%. I change the settings in the 3D but it stays the same. Do any of you experience this ?

    Lenovo Y70-70

    Intel i7

    GTX 860M 4go

    16 goRAM


  • the onPC system requirements specify a minimum of 6th generation processor, while I believe your Lenovo Y70-70 has a 4th generation processor?

    from generation 6 and above the bus speed is 8 GT/s, over 50% more than the 5 GT/s of generation 5, 4 and below.

    Maybe the reduced bus speed becomes a bottleneck, even if your system otherwise should be powerful enough

  • makes sens. Well it will another quest for a new laptop in the next months...the real challenge is to find one powerfull enough to run wysiwyg and MA3 WITH a touch screen !!!!!!

    Thank you

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