Edit ScreenContent Wildcard

  • It would be really nice if Edit Screen Content allowed a wildcard to denote "this" screen.

    For example i built the following macro on screen 1:

    Edit ScreenContent 1.1.1 Property "ProgOnly"

    This allows me to toggle ProgOnly on the Fixture window while the title bar button waits to be released ;).

    The only issue is I can't use the same Macro on Screen 2 since it needs to change to:

    Edit ScreenContent 2.1.1 Property "ProgOnly"

    It might be helpful if you could write:

    Edit ScreenContent *.1.1 Property "ProgOnly"

    where the * is replaced with the screen the macro was pressed on.

    If I do that now it causes the Edit Screen Content window to popup with this error.

    The second number seems to be an instance number if there is more then one of the same type of window on the screen? but the second instance is always 4?

    So for example I have three displayed currently:

    Screen 1 A - 1.1.1

    Screen 1 B - 1.4.1

    Screen 2 A - 2.1.1

    Screen 2 B - 2.4.1

  • The proper syntax for a generic toggle macro would utilize the Default keyword and object-labels, and look something like this:

    Edit ScreenContent Default."WindowFixtureSheet"."FixtureSheetSettings" Property "ProgOnly"

    If you have multiple FixtureSheets on one screen that should toggle individually, the macros would need to know the index of each window,

    In both your views the fixturesheets apparently was created as the first and the fourth window:

    ProgOnly A

    Edit ScreenContent Default.1."FixtureSheetSettings" Property "ProgOnly"

    ProgOnly B

    Edit ScreenContent Default.4."FixtureSheetSettings" Property "ProgOnly"

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