Storing View Button on single window in onPC

  • How do I Store a Window setup/View as a View button on a single Screen/Display and keep it from appearing on ALL of my Screen setups? I'm Storing it to Display2 on my external monitor outputting from my laptop and the View buttons are all the same, number from 1-6/7 depending upon which DIsplay it's outputting to. There is no 'paging/scrolling' when hovering over the ViewBar as with the other Tile Pools to give me some Empty Tiles, I always get the same 7 buttons across all Displays; is this intended? Is there a way to advance the View Button Page+/-? When I Store I get the dialog with each Displays Option with the small 'toggle' and I only keep DIsplay 2 'orange'/toggled. I see the ALL choice which I don't click...only my CLEAR Screen Window do I want doing that[appearing across all the View Bars on all Displays...?!? The View Bar seems linked to every Display but not the 3D views are not Synced to each other, is there a way to Sync all the Cameras across the differing 3D Windows as MA2 and MA3D did?


    Assign that View from the Pool to the Menu bar of each separate Display...running out the door and I'll try this thinks.

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  • I was also wondering how to get different View buttons on each display. I can't wait to hear. As a work around for the moment I'm just hiding the view buttons and placing my own view pool on each page, not a very good solution since it you need to manage it between all your views but it works for testing.

    I think I can answer your second question about 3D Camera tracking if I am understanding it correctly.

    To have the any 3D view track the selected camera swipe down on the Camera button on the top right of the 3D view then select <Link Selected> this will cause any 3D view to track whatever Camera is selected. If you wanted a different camera pool to control a specific 3D view I'm unsure about that.

  • In regards to views and viewbuttons, they work like MA2. What may be tripping you up here is that in a new show the same set of predefined view objects are assigned to the viewbuttons on each screen, so if you overwrite one of the predefined views you will be making that change on all screens (since they're all referencing the same view object). If you delete the predefined views from the viewbuttons (just removing the assignment, not actually deleting the views themselves unless you also want to do that) you'll be able to store views / assign to those viewbuttons independently on each page.

    In regards to 3D cameras, this has changed slightly from MA2. In MA2, moving around in 3D or the Stage View automatically shifted the position actually stored in the Camera object. This made it super annoying if you wanted to return to the original position (you'd have to copy the Camera object and then modify the copy or something along those lines). In MA3, the new position is not actually stored in the Camera object until you tell it to be. So Rex, when you're moving around in one 3D window, you're not actually changing the position of the Camera object, so the other 3D windows aren't moving along with you. Only when you store the new position into the same Camera object (or store a new Camera object and select it) will all your other 3D windows move to the new position. And if you instead want to return to the original camera angle after moving around you can simply tap on the Camera object again to reassert those settings, or press the {Reload Camera} button from the 3D toolbar on the left (2nd button down, looks kinda like a camera).

  • Thanks so much for answering that, now I understand as well.

    I guess the confusing part is the fact they they are labeled like a pool item, when when you delete or update it the item is updated/delete from the other displays, looking like it's the same pool item. But like you say, when you store a new one it's specific to that display.

  • I guess the confusing part is the fact they they are labeled like a pool item, when when you delete or update it the item is updated/delete from the other displays, looking like it's the same pool item.

    That's because it is a pool item. It works exactly like it does on MA2 - nothing changed here other than the fact that right now you can't see the View object's number or a screenshot/screen icons. In MA2 if you assign the same View to multiple viewbuttons and then store an adjusted view to one of those same viewbuttons, all other viewbuttons with the same view assigned call the new view. Just like in MA3.

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