Phasers + Programmer

  • Hallo I got some questions to the phasers.

    I stored a 3phase Phaser in a Cue for example Atribute Color.

    FID 1 thru 10: red - green - white

    Now i cleared my programmer and want in the next Cue to go yellow (1 Phase)

    so i pick my fids 1 thru 10 (which are running in the exec) and select with the color picker yellow.

    Now the problem i just changed the value of step 1 to yellow not create a 1 step phaser with yellow (while its working with presets) its not working with direct atribute input in the encoder bar. and u cant delete the other steps so ez. there was no way i found to get out of this really ez but with programmer steps u are able to select a atribute hit 2 times step delete (programmer step delete) then it resets completely to 1 step and then u are able to work like u think it should - create a new phaser or static etc etc.
    it seems really weird to have this workarround, in my perspective u should have always first static values if u reselect the fixture 1 phase and if u want u can load over a button the currently running phaser in

    Maybe im doing something wrong and u can tell im stupid and give me the right answer

    A other question i have is how does the width get calculated?

    And a bug in the 1D phaser window its not calculating/showing the exact mathematic function - for example transition gets not calculated in which is really confusing because the dots dont move on the green line and if u think okay i want to manipulate the funtion now like this and then nothing happens u are confused how this all is connected to eatch other. so the mathematic funtion should render quite close how the fixture are actualy behaving inbetween the steps

  • 1. try pressing the Stomp key, then "Color" in the encoderbar, before picking yellow in the colorpicker.

    2. Width is the time for a given step expressed in percentage of the speed

    3.Yes, there are still room for improvements in the graphical presentation in the phaser window