Encoder Left/Right + Temp

  • Hallo i was wondering if the command section of the encoders doesnt work yet or if im doing something wrong, i wanted to do a Playback where i "load next/previous" with the encoder left right and then start in the que - does not work for me to put anycommand in there (onpc ) it always triggers the "main function" master which should be deactivated when u put in commands (written in the manual)

    A other question i would love a function where u can Temp (Button klick) in a specific que. For example it always temps in the last que which was activated or something so u can have a multi que button which u can load a cue and then it sits in the que (with temp) until u load again (via macro for example). At the moment and also at the MA2 u always get reset in cue 1 with temp.

    (I think i found a bug with Fadersetttings when u change the Profil in a other encoder and then open up an old encoder with the same profil and want to change a handle it resets completely the old encoder with the new profil change - so it recast the specific encoder automaticly which is really bad, it does not even ask u)
    Other thing i think u should be able to instantly label the name when u hit new Config in the FaderHandles just 1000 klicks more to open up the pool - like klick new (enter name) please done

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