• is there a way like in ma2 where having a fader go from 0 to 100% without triggering the next cue in the list with auto start on

    all other cue setting are "normal" and fader is a master

  • Hi Phil,

    To make sure I'm understanding you correctly...

    1. You have a sequence with a couple cues assigned to fader exec
    2. Fader is set as Master
    3. Sequence has {Auto Start} enabled
    4. Fader is at 0
    5. You press [Go]
      • You're now sitting in cue 1 with the fader at 0
    6. You raise the fader
      • Expected result: still in cue 1 but now you see output as you bring the fader up
      • Actual result: cue 2 is triggered

    Is that what you're seeing? If so, I would call that a bug.

  • The quick workaround would be to merely disable Autostart for your multi-cue sequences

    this should reduce the severity from "major bug" to "missing feature"

    A slightly longer workaround, with a possibly more satisfying result would be to switch off Autostart when executor is turned on, and switch Autostart on again when executor is switched off

    e.g. for sequence 15:

    in the Cmd field of CueZero enter

    Set Seq 15 "AutoStart" "No"

    in the Cmd field of OffCue enter

    Set Seq 15 "AutoStart" "Yes"

  • Nice workaround,

    Although this seems somewhere where the Default keyword would be really helpful. e.g. Set Seq Default "AutoStart" "No".

    I tried building a Macro to assign these commands to the CueZero and OffCue but I got stuck on string replacement within a string. Otherwise it seems it would work.

    Lines 3 and 4 were me just testing to see if it I could get it to would work.

    If you could replace the Seq # with Default(?) then it would be really handy to refer to the current sequence without having to use UserVars.