• Hi Pyroaxel,

    in grandMA3 and also grandMA2 the programming is connected to an additional ID of your fixtures calculated in the background (thanks Max :)).

    So you can change your FID and your programming will still be valid.

    Please keep in mind: When you delete your fixtures from the patch and apply your changes, then your programming is lost.

  • Also just to add on a little bit in case you haven't seen it Pyroaxel, you can give your light a Custom ID ("CID") instead of / in addition to a Fixture ID ("FID"), just like you could have a Channel ID and/or a Fixture ID in grandMA2, and you can change Custom ID Types, and so forth, all without it affecting your programming.

    If you didn't find the IDType or CID fields in patch, toggle the "Columns" titlebar button from "Condensed" to "Full".

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