Noobie here! I have a general question!

  • Hello all,

    I am looking into getting Ma onPC to learn more about the program. Is there a dongle or a dmx interface that I could buy that would be compatible with Ma onPC so I could actually connect my lights? Preferably one that is somewhat affordable. I understand MA is a professional plateform used by all of the pros so I do understand nothing will come cheap. Im coming from a WAY simpler program called DMXIS which required the purchase of a special DMX interface box that was only compatible with the DMXIS program. Was just wondering if this was a similar case for MA.

    Thanks in advance!


  • you can look into GrandMA2. There you can get cheap nodes(the gray ones).

    If you want to connect hardware to your console and need additional signal translation or similar I can help you!
    Send me a private message!

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