Making Display 1 Windowed on Windows

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    Seems I inadvertently turned windowed mode off my turning off Show Title Bar. In doing this I caused the display to go full screen. To fix this I simply had to turn Show Title Bar back on then recalling the display by turning it off from the display list (and it will show back up). as windowed.


    In case anyone is trying to resize Display 1 on windows so it's a window and not full screen this seems to work.

    If you open up the properties of the grandMA3 onPC link the installer placed on your desktop or in the start menu you can see that the command it runs is:

    "C:\Program Files\MALightingTechnology\gma3_1.0.0\bin\app_system.exe" HOSTTYPE=onPC

    In order to get Display 1 to not be full screen it seems removing HOSTTYPE=onPC from the command works.

    Either Duplicate the Link and edit the Target, removing HOSTType=onPC, or run the command from terminal, though if running from terminal it might be good form to first change directory into the Start In path:

    I haven't done any extensive testing to see if this is ok, but it makes testing things out a little easier.

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