Export MVR to Vectorworks

  • Just posted this in VW forum as well.

    Might be someone here that knows where the MVR-link is broken as Vectorworks and Vision does not handle an MA3 MVR export as I expected, patch and position works fine, but not the rest.

    So with the release of MA3 1.0 I tried patching some GDTF files (Mac Aura XB and Encore performance) from GDTF-share, exported MVR and imported to VW 2020 sp2, screenshots below show that patchinfo got through, but I cannot believe that both those files just look like rectangles in 2d and 3d, should they not show the enclosed 3ds-model of the fixture like they use in MA?

    Or how is it meant to work? Do I really need to exchange all fixtures again? Was this not what GDTF was fixing?

    See attached ma3mvr of 2,7mb which is the export from MA.

    After giving them some X, Y and Z positions I wanted to export back to MA3 or Vision via MVR from VW, I get the MA export file of 1kb that does not open in Vision or MA..

    So please find out what is broken with the link that was meant to fix this workflow.

    Next question:

    How do I open a GDTF-file from GDTF-share in VW? I tried importing, dragging in and now importing MVR, but it does not seem to work, so how do you do it?

    /Bjorn Stolt

  • Hi Bjorn,

    you are right this is more a GDTF in VW format issue. I have been working with this for a while, There is one issue for now that the object file in VW is more detailed than the GDTF file and by default the internal format is used. Another one is that you need to have the GDTF files in a specific folder in VW already before you open the MVR file. I know they are working on that one but it is not yet released.
    So the best workflow that I came up with right now is to start in VW and export to MA. When you re-import into the same VW file the existing connection will be re-created but the changed information will be updated. So the issue for now is the GDTF handling while MVR works pretty well already.
    As much as I can report about Vision we need to wait for the next release/update to see a much better handling of GDTF & MVR data.

    If you want to open and manipulate a GDTF file I recommend the GDTF builder on the GDTF webpage. That is best tool according to GDTF specs so far.


  • Thank you for quick responses, I did get a response on VW-forum as well where they explained the current workflow with the many limitations.

    So hopefully they will eventually get it to work in the way it could where it does not matter which program you start with as all use the same files and I do not have to exhchange symbols and attach records.

    I will let the R&D guys in DK and Wouter who was on training handle the first GDTF-files and then potentially give it a go. For me it is more focus on actually using it and finding a good workflow for now.



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