GDTF Import, where the gobo visualization

  • Where would I locate any GOBO1 Wheel bitmaps to have them render with my Fixture Type in the 3D window? I assembled the wheel with the GDTF fixture builder and the process had me locate the bitmaps referenced in the GDTF file in a subfolder labeled, "wheels" which allowed it to be viewed in the online builder. With the GDTF Imported fixtureType, I can read my labels for the wheel slots inside the encoder bar G1 dialog, however the bitmaps don't appear in the MA3 dialog or render in the 3D window.

    The manual states:

    The GDTF file is a zip file containing:

    • Description
    • Geometry data
    • Gobo images

    The Gobo images are in a subfolder labeled, "wheels" and the 3DS models in a subfolder labeled, "models". If I extract the GDTF file, I do indeed find the 3DS formatted "models" and the Bitmaps[png] in the "wheels" subfolders holding the assets. Is there something more to do to get gobos rendering in MA3? Put them in a special MA3 folder under 'gobos'?? "wheels" perhaps?

    I can actually view the image when I Edit the actual FixtureType, but it does not populate the Encoder windows or the 3D window?? It's Appearance in Edit FixtureType is Gobos.GoboImage 5'[Rex3DLineUp_Png]' but it's not intuitive how to 'navigate' to a location? I find references to Gobos.GoboImage 1-4 in the default_images.XML located inside the gobos Parent folder. My actual bitmap with a path would indeed be index[5] of GoboImages, but alas not written to the file as a 'default'. I've included the bitmap just inside the gobos Parent folder and still no dialog or 3D window rendering, only inside the fixtureType when I Edit it.

    Lot's to [re]learn with the new UI....

    Thanks!--seems like it should be rendering....'out of box'.

  • Hahahaha, took me all day to sort it out, :P. I can confirm that virtual attributes in GDTF will parse over to MA3. I've got a Dimmer that looks like an ETC S4, has virtual Pan/Tilt with the encoders and now has Gobo1 Wheel that visualizes without DMX assignment.

    Nice, very nice...

    Again, Great Work by Team MA International for a super piece of software and the handshake with GDTF!! GDTF formatting had all the Wheel and Model data within the GDTF file and no special placing of assets was needed, even get the Thumbnails in the Encoder Bar dialog for G1; once you construct the fixture correctly.

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