DMX refresh/delay in version

  • Hey . Found a wierd bug with my console. Running on my Compact . My outputs (behind console) are outputing dmx very slowly. Looks like refresh is very low. Its all fine when i run it in MA2 mode . I took a swisson DMX splitter and connected that to my line and when im in MA3 mode i can see the little leds on swisson splitter are blinking very slowly . But on MA2 mode just normaly super fast. Cannot find menu where i could change dmx refresh. Got a really small corporate event and thought its good place to learn a MA3 system ;) didnt work out so well . :( Had to do the show in MA2 mode.

  • If you don't have values changing on an DMX universe, the grandMA3 software will sent only refresh packets every second (in reality it is a bit less than 1s).

    When having a phaser running with constant values changing, the DMX rate will be back at 30Hz.

  • yeah .. seams thath you are correct . BUT . i got 16 MAC 101s patched . And now when i raise intensity slowly to 100 .. its not linear at all .. also same with Jb lighting P7 . its all fine when i run phaser . so i guess workaround is patch some dummy fixtures and make a backround phaser cue. But this really sucks , This should be changed . Cannot work like that,

  • Hi taavi,

    you are right - that is not a nice result and there shouldn´t be a workround necessary. The DMX specs allow for up to 1s refresh rate if there is no DMX change. What I struggle with is that you say this happens also when you increase the intensity slowly....

    How do you do that? Is it in the programmer with a turning encoder? Is is sliding a playback fader? Is it a cues with Fade times?

    Would be interesting to know to double-check.


  • Just to circle back to this for a moment;

    I experienced a similar issue during testing yesterday and was able to take a video of it linked here. However when I restarted the console the issue went away and everything has been working perfectly since.

    My setup was as follows:

    • Unicasting 1 Art-Net Universe directly to laptop running An Art-Net tester
    • Sequence 5 set as a Flash on an executor that I hit every second or so.
    • Sequence 5 brings channel 1 seen on the Art-Net tester to 70/255
    • I also added a phaser on Sequence 7 (starts around 22 seconds) to see the difference.

    In the video between 0 and 21 seconds I Flashed Sequence 5 17 times, of that 5 were missed on the output and each press took about 0.4 seconds between the press sequence starting and the output of the Art-Net.

    Between 22 seconds and 41 seconds I had the dummy phaser running, and pressed the flash button 13 times, of that 1 output was missed and the time between the flash and the output dropped to about 0.2 Seconds.

    I ended up making this video because I could visually tell that flash presses were being missed and also felt very sluggish.

    I took a few hours break and turned off the console during this time, when I came back and restarted the console everything was working perfectly, the flashes were running quickly and to the eye I didn't miss any presses of the 50 or so that I did.

    The only thing that I think I was doing in this show file session that could have caused an issue was was building the simple clock profile, and likely messing up a fair amount while testing profile options.

    Here is the video timeline to give an idea of when the flash buttons were pressed (grey) and missed (Yellow)