GDTF files and virtual attributes

  • :thumbup:Good work on the GDTF reading of files, MA Team! 8)The virtual attributes I wrote into a simple DIM with PAN|TILT seem to be rendering in MA3's 'Stage View' just fine with the encoders! I've also got a GOBO1 virtual wheel that I need to get the bitmap into the asset tree to check on that rendering.:/:/

    On second thought, when I generated the GDTF file I had to place my assets in specific folders with the 3DS models. If MA3 is correctly reading the format, shouldn't there be a pop-up/prompt seeking the missing file[s] or an attempt to 'extract' the data and locate it where MA3's 3D engine will find it? I did read my label for the Wheel Slot in the MA3 GOBO dialog, along with the other empty/open slots I left for future constructs, so some of the data is parsing over, just not the actual bitmaps.

    Here's the line of code in the GDTF file: PK \z’N’ÓG‘Âñ Âñ wheels/Rex3DLineUp.png‰PNG

    There is the bitmap, in the 'wheels' subfolder.

    Edited 3 times, last by Rex: a 2nd thought about the GDTF format and the way it's constructed with their Fixture Builder. (December 14, 2019 at 4:26 PM).

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