Fxiture Sheets & Color Handling

  • Hey All,

    Granted this just dropped but I figured I start with asking some of the obvious/dumb questions:

    In fixture sheets, is there any way to get a view that respects what would have been called 'ChannelSets' in GMA2? Specifically, it seems that there is no way to display things along the line of 'Gobo 1' as opposed to 23. I saw the option to flip through percent, hex, decimal, etc, but it seems that they've removed what used to be the 'Natural' option or am I missing something?

    Also, is there an option somewhere to force CMY mode? So far, everything I'm seeing seems to default things to RGB mode even if the fixture is a subtractive CMY fixture...



  • Hey Gonda,

    I'm not sure if I understand you 100% but you already find a lot of options in the Fixturesheet, if you click on the MA Logo inside the window (window options).

    There you can achieve already a lot of powerful views, maybe you play around with that.

    The option natural is not there, I would suggest to use the "physical" readout Option.

    At the moment we have no CMY Encoderset. But you can set Colors using CMY in the Colorpicker Window in the RGB Tap.

    The RGB Tap also offers CMY Faders.

  • Hey MB,

    So, I just checked again, and even setting the sheet to Physical, I'm just getting numbers...as best I can tell the numbers correspond to the ChannelSet entry; namely, for the first gobo I'm getting a value of 1.6, the second 2.6, the third 3.5, etc....

    So, with the lack of the natural option, this makes the fixture sheet pretty hard to read depending on the value, i.e. having RGB displayed as values between 0 and 1 is not only not intuitive but makes it very difficult if you're trying to match RGB/CMY values exactly. As best I can tell, the MA3 software is completely ignoring the label in the Channel Set. Said label is only seeming to show up either the calculator (pressing an encoder) or the smart window. This is a pretty big problem for those of us using the desk in a theatrical setting.

    I see using the color picker for CMY; however, the lack of CMY readout makes it exceedingly difficult to find out actual values since a lot of fixtures that use CMY mixing do not have a linear response on each channel...



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