USB-C Adapters for MacBook Pro models

  • For MacBook Pro Users who would like to use the grandMA3 onPC Command Wing, please use the original adapters from Apple.

    This one from example.

    Most importantly, please use the first USB-C port on right-hand side (marked in the picture attached).

    For 2016 & 2017 models (at least), the USB-C ports on the left-hand side have reduced bandwidth.

    The one on the right (marked) seem to have the highest bandwidth.


  • The latest (3 Dec, 2019) article, I could find was by macrumours:


    In 2016 and 2017 13-inch MacBook Pro models, the left side Thunderbolt 3 ports had reduced bandwidth due to the fact that the chips used in the machines only supported up to 12 PCI Express lanes.

  • This should only be for TB3 devices. running in USB 2.0, 3.0 (5GBps) or 3.1 (10GBps) should all be at full speed on the left and right sides.

    If not there could be an issue with link cable that connects the ports to your motherboard. I have had the left hand ports on my 2016 Mac fixed twice when they would pass USB 2.0 but not 3.0 our up.

    Looking at the product page for the Command wing it comes with a USB2.0 cable so that should work with any adapter or cable.

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