Session memory ...

  • Hello everyone.

    I have a question, is the show session that was started at least once remembered? I mean, does it have any settings memory, and if so, can it be somehow cleared? I have such a problem that I try to connect onPC with the console after wifi, (I know, I shouldn't;)), I click new sesion1, and the strangest things happen, the console is still booting. If I click new sesion2, everything works great ....

  • Hello nasula,

    in the dot2, the network Session setup is not stored in the showfile.

    This has good reasons, as theatres have setup their network incl node4 1K nodes, maybe a backup console and so on.

    If this setup would be changed or forgotten just by loading a different showfile, these users would be slightly unhappy.

    Therefore the dot2 console and onPC remember the last network settings and tries to establish the same network situation as in the former showfile.

    If you want to start in a new or other showfile without a session or stations involved, you should stop any session and remove all connected devices.

    The dot2 console or dot2 onPC should remember that, when you power it up next time or load a different showfile.

    I am just wondering, that you use a not adviced WLAN connection between the console and the onPC and then ask for advice...;)

  • Hello michael

    Thank you for your answer. It actually helped to remove all devices, most not connected (red). I think the problem was that if onPC is, for example, a slave, after disconnecting the network, it automatically goes into the Master state. And then we have two master consoles that are arguing with each other, you need to watch it. Take over the session, sometimes it worked, sometimes not, but probably the problem was not removed (maybe unused) devices. I had the wrong belief that a "new session" would reset everything and we would start from scratch.

    I use wifi is a fact, but only for really small corrections, when I do not want to pull a dozen meters of cable. Especially when I need to rearrange the decorations on the stage, improve directions and levels, and, for example, save the corrected scenes. And with onPC I have easier and faster access to functions, especially cues. And for my needs, it works well enough. That's all, trust me. And that's why I asked for help, despite ...