Is there syntax to fire a Cue by it's name in CmdLine?

  • Or do you need to call the Executor as well...? Say I name a Cue "Blue" or "DSWash", is this possible to playback or must I give it's exact location as Cue 2 Executor 1. I've tried a few ways to markup, but I can't call a 'string' via CmdLine...


  • syntax: [Go] [Exec] xy [Cue] "NAME"

    You need to change xy in the exec number and NAME to the wanted cue name.

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  • Got it, that works, thanks!

    My take-away is that you need to include the Executor and can't just call a Cue "String" and have it Trigger the Cue...I always get that it's an "OBJECT DOES NOT EXIST". Weird, because if I send a GO SEQUENCE and call it's "NAME" it triggers the stack....go figure. I try GOTO CUE and "NAME" but no go...oh well.

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