can not save executors after a certain total amount

  • I believe I have found a bug in dot2 onpc

    eventually I was unable to save new executors - Video link below. *edit new video*

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  • While I appreciate your reply, you clearly did not watch the videos. You don’t need to have any fixtures patched to store executors.

  • Hi MWHatalak,

    sorry for this late reply.

    What happened in your case is a bug- you´re right.

    While you store executors in the console/ onPC and delete them afterwards,

    in the background the data is not deleted (this is the bug) and the total amount of execs exceeds 998.

    The result is then, that storing of new execs is not possible anymore.

    The software team is aware of that and this issue is on the buglist.

    There are ways of fixing that but we would need your showfile to do that-

    so if you have a showfile which cannot be repolaced by an other one, please send it to

    and we´ll give it a fix.

    All the best,


  • Had the same problem today... I called Michael from tech-support because I was one hour before doors... And my exec Layout wasn't ready and I couldn't store some cues anymore...

  • This should do the job as a general approach, without analyzing the showfile:

    (enter into commandline)

    SaveShow "MyRescueAttempt"

    Label Seq * "DeleteMe"

    Label Exec *.* "KeepMe"

    Label Exec 0.1.1 "Main"

    Delete Seq "DeleteMe" /nc

    You would need to manually relabel any current executors back to their original name.


    preferably you should in advance remove any speed or time masters that assigned to execs, as these are a little tricky to restore back to original label.

    Edited once, last by Andreas: added Notabene regarding speedmaster labels (visible in Magic Speed dialog) ().

  • In my sequences list (command: view seq) is enough free numbers.

    Or is there something in the background that stores all of the cues i make?