DMX King input DMX through object

  • I'm gonna try this since the device is relatively inexpensive and I'm wondering if anyone has tried this solution before.

    I'm going to take a stream of DMX from a DMX 6-12CH controller as a remote input through my DMX King device to have physical faders...will this work with a DMX King?


    If it won't thru-put, I'll have a cheesy little DMX tester to output some DMX quickly.

  • Thank you, Lars. I have viewed your video on this subject. I saw your 3rd party DMX controller activating an executor in Dot2 onPC. I'm attempting to do this as to have physical faders for HID. In your presentation, I was wondering if you were outputing DMX to some device under control of the executor fader? Where you attempting to do this same subject? To utilize a 3rd party physical fader to activate an executor to control a device somewhere?

    Thanks again!

  • Yes, the beginnings of DIY HID faders for me is near, lol.... I can confirm that I took my eDMX1 Pro node and ran DMX from my Swisson MT350[as a test] through the device[with 5 pin gender swap] as Universe 9 configured on the node and indeed; once I mapped the remote input from U:9.1..12 to the first 12 faders, they were under control in the GUI from my Swisson test device! Now to get a 2 Uni Node and config the A as out on U:1 and the B as in on U:9...should work, kiddies! Then any random DMX 'controller' can act as a onPCDot2 faderwing to simply execute/fade. Random DMX 'controllers', ugh, at least they can act as mechanical when they're dumped at your feet!


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