• Hi

    I have recently tried to patch the ayerton VersapixRS in the Dot2 3D program but iT appears as a sqaure fixture.

    How can it modified to the right form?



  • Profile needs to be edited[in text editor as .XML fileType] to a "Conventional" fixtureType and it will project a beam[then change fixtureType or Patch in the new fixtureType, or try just selecting the fixture in MA3D and RightMouseClick---Change Model; if it's a single instance fixture to a 3D model that has a 'Beam' object or multiple Beam objects in it. If it's a 4/5 beam fixture on all at once; will take a custom model to visualize the fixture as you desire. Doesn't seem too hard a model to build....if the fixtureType is a multi-Instance fixture where you have a Main Module and multiple 'pixels'; this will take much more work to get visualizing in Dot2...

    Good luck!

  • If you are using the fixture as a single instance object, you'll need to either construct a custom model with 5 beams or do a mult-patch; then physically position and rotate the 'cloned' fixtures to visualize it as a 5 beam object, then Group them in MA3D and it'll be the closest visualization of the object without resorting to a custom 3DS model representing the instrument. They'll move as a Group with their Local orientations in tact, or should be.

    Good luck!