Fixture import not working. Help!

  • Hey guys,

    So im having this really annoying issue... I have a custom MA fixture type that imports and works just fine, except I want to slow down the rotate speed of the prism. Since dot 2 doesnt have a way to edit fixture types within the software, I edit my fixture type in MA 2 on PC and export it to my flash drive. I move the file over to the dot2/library folder and I can see it when I go to re import it into dot 2, but when i select it from my USB and hit OK, nothing happens. It wont import at all. no error messages or anything.

    Ive tried re installing the dot 2 software, updating to the latest version of MA 2 and exporting from that, use the internal folders on my PC instead of a flash drive, a different flash drive entirely, all with no luck.

    The closest i have gotten is importing the fixture type into MA fixture builder and then exporting from there, but it screws up the MA3D model.

    Any ideas on whats going on here?


  • Hi,

    the reason for this issue is the minimum version in which the fixture types can be used.

    For example when you edit your fixture type in grandMA2 version 3.7 it will be "tagged" as a 3.7 file during the export. As dot2s latest version is 1.5 you can not import this file.

    To edit and import the files back and forth you need to use the same streaming version in grandMA2 and dot2. This means that you have to use version 3.5 and 1.5 to be able to import and export from one software to the other.

    The reason why the fixture builder creates a usable file is that it has the same version as the dot2 software, but is also able to import from newer versions.

    Hope this helps to clarify the situation.



  • Thanks so much this was the issue!

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