Skipping the delay time ...

  • Hello.

    Such a problem. Cue1 and Cue2. Cue1 has Fade 3s Delay 50s, Cue2 has fade 3s. What do I want to receive ... That during the delay countdown, it was possible to interrupt it and go to the beginning of fade cue1, so that cue1 fade. Is there a shortcut?

    "Go" starts the next cue, "goto cue1 time 3" works but you have to click a lot. Something faster? Any key combination?

    Thank you.

  • Hi nasula,

    I am afraid that there´s no shorter way/ or hey combination then the one, you´ve mentioned in your post above.

    A bit shorter (maybe) is "Go delay 0" followed by a press onto the exec fader button... the keyword "delay" can be reached by pressing the "time" button twice


  • Thank you, Michael. I am sorry that I answer only now. It works great when you want to go to the next cue and skip the delay time. Unfortunately, when the delay time is already counted down, it does not work. And that's what interested me. Thank you.

  • The easy fix is

    Copy Cue 1 to Cue 1.5 then set trigger to follow with fade of 3 sec. On playback your stack will delay 30 sec then trigger Cue 1 then auto follow to cue 1.5, and wait for GO+ for Cue 2. If you press the GO+ during the delay it will progress directly to Cue 1.5 with a fade of 3 and that will have the same output as Cue 1.

    Have Fun

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