LED Blinder CW/WW with seperated Control

  • Hi Guys,

    I recently bought some LED Blinders and helped my until now to use them with an dimmer on each of the 8 DMX-Channels.

    As it is really a mess to Programm and Control them in live conditions, so I tried to build the fixture with the Fixture-Builder V1.5

    The unit (2-eye-blinder) has the following DMX-Channels:

    1: Dimmer

    2: Cold Dimmer Eye 1

    3: Warm Dimmer Eye 1

    4: Cold Dimmer Eye 2

    5: Warm Dimmer Eye 2

    6: Strobe Control

    7: Speed

    8: Macro Function

    For me the most important are the 2 Eyes which each have an WW and CW LED in it. The idea is to run chasers over it using eather WW or CW or Mixed.

    In the Fixture Builder I can assign only WW / CW once. Is there any Workaround?

    Thanks for guesses or hints into Right direction!

    BR Dirk

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