Print Main Executor cue list

  • Hi Stijn,

    There's definitely a far better way of doing this. But in short time, this is what I found.

    Type the following in the command line:
    Export Default
    Exp Def

    As a result you'll find this geeky table in C:/ProgramData/MA Lighting Technologies/dot2/dot2_V_1.1.95/importexport/sequ_1_main.xml
    But, there's definitely a far far better way of doing this.

    Here's my Cue List:
    Cue 1: Intro
    Cue 2: Verse 1
    Cue 3: Chorus
    Cue 4: Verse 2
    Cue 5: End


  • Command: List 25.1.1.*.* /filename=Main
    You can change the last word from Main to your desired name.

    If you are using an onPC Software Version,
    Type the command in your Command Line and you can find the file in:
    C:\ProgramData\MA Lighting Technologies\dot2\dot2_V_1.1.95\reports

    If you're using a Console,
    Insert a USB stick.
    Press Backup
    Select your drive
    Press Backup again
    Then enter the command into your Command Line.
    And you can find the file in dot2/reports

    Hope that's helpful.


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