Seeking a new file for ADJ Freq 5 Strobe

  • Greetings,
    Please help, anyone have a better file (fixture profile) for "American DJ Freq 5 Strobe"?
    The current file can not store the values for MasterIntensity.

    Thank you in advance for your help Lumirt

  • Hi Lars
    First case. I can not (maybe can not) save MasterIntensity value to the Executor fader. Always store a random value and can not be used for dimming from 0-100%
    Second case. Display Fixture sheet is visible only 6 lines - DMX channels. Fixture has 7 DMX channels, why is this so?
    Maybe I do with these attributes do not work properly. It is another way to save the master dimmer?
    I'm sorry for my bad English


  • Hi Lumirt,

    To make everything a little bit more clear I've created a small showfile with a Master Intensity Fader on Exec 6, a full strobe button and a dimmer effect. Please check the showfile and try if everything works as expected. Based on the DMX values which are send, I would assume that everything works fine.
    If not please let me know!

    Yes, you can only see six lines in the fixture sheet that's correct. The first part of the fixture (line 1.1) has two DMX Channels (Master Intensity & Shutter) the other one have only one. So in total you get 7 DMX channels which are seperated in 6 different instances (parts of the fixture).


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