Topographical layouts - magic sheet For dot2

  • Not to be confused with FixtureSheets, but is there possible plans for Topographical layouts - magic sheets for dot2? Something like the GrandMA2 has with interactive 2 dimensional drawings where you may freely arrange channels fixtures, draw shapes and write text, add macros presets or other objects. We had a similar one on an old outdated console we replaced with the dot2.

    I would imaging it could possibly be in the dot2 3D. However it's implemented, it would be a GREAT asset to us and others as a reference/planning tool for events that are preprogrammed for future use like us who are planning and designing 9 to 12 months out. ;)

    John Cerbus
    Lighting Director/Programmer
    Victory Church Fremont, Ohio

  • From what I seen, folks at MA Lighting are unwilling to tell in advance about software features for upcoming versions.
    I guess it is about not giving a competition a heads up. :)

  • There need to be some more improvements. I know many companies who sold their old GMA1 Micro, Ultralite and Light and bought a Dot2. Now they got a newer console but with less functionality than the old one. Of course they ask for some improvements.

  • Hi Folks,

    I like the discussion about wishes a lot, but "kacerp" is right -
    we don´t want to talk about upcomming Features, or what might be there if and so on.
    This wouldn´t help anybody, especially, when Features are planned, users count on it and in beta Phase
    we run into difficulies and skip the planned Feature -this wouldn´t be delightful for nobody.
    So we decided not to talk about upcomming Features until we are 100% sure that they are doing like they should and are as safe as possible.

    But!: Be very sure that we MA People are reading your wishes and thoughts.
    It happens often, that a thread in this Forum raises the phone bills between the Software engeneers, product Management plus tech. Support
    and great discussions start.
    So please go on, telling us your wishes and be sure they are read.

    Cheers guys!

  • Thanks Michael, This was more of a request, than a "... is there possible plans ...".

    Thank you for being open to thoughts, wishes and requested features.

    Love my dot2 XL-F with the dot2 B-wing!

    John Cerbus
    Lighting Director/Programmer
    Victory Church Fremont, Ohio

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